Grow Your Own at Home in California

Yes it's Legal, Yes it's awesome, and yes, you can start right now!

Grow up to 6 Plants

Set Up Your Kit! Then just add soil, water, nutrients and the clones or seeds of your favorite strains!

Grow Your Own in California

California law explicitly allows the cultivation of up to 6 plants in your home. Do you have 9 sq. ft? Sure you do! The YoGro™ Premium Grow Kit is a professionally curated growing system designed to make you a successful grower on your fist try.  Only the highest quality components are included.

Everything you need and nothing you don't.

Watch This!

Just choose what you want to grow and have at it. In the privacy of your California home.

You can grow up to six plants.  This video sample of a real YoGro™ in progress is only 4 plants and yielded over 11 oz. That's the equivalent of about $6000 at a California recreational 70 days or home. And again, YES, it is 100% legal in California*.

The best LED Grow Light. Period.

Grow up to 1 lb per harvest* with the state of the art LED Grow Light included in your YoGro™ Premium Kit. The Yogro™ kit was curated to provide the absolute best, state of the art runway to home growing success. The gear matters. We've chosen the best and only the best equipment for the YoGro™ Premium Grow Kit. The rest is up to you!


What's in The YoGro™ Kit?

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

YoGro™ California Premium Grow Kit
  • The LED Grow Light

    YoGro™ is powered by BlackDog LED's Phytomax 2 Premium Lights. 200W, 400W and 600W varieties are available.

  • The Grow Tent

    We chose the YoGro™ for it's versatility, easy assembly, rigid construction and leak proof rubberized base.

  • Control Tech

    Each included monitor and control device is state of the art.

  • Filters and Fans

    YoGro™ include the proprietary GrowShepherd Mounted oscillating fan as well as a two stage carbon filtration system.

  • Yes, That's real! And easy.

    Yes, California!! Grow up to a pound each harvest with the YoGro™ Kit. This image is from the 2'x2' with the Black Dog LED Phytomax2 400.  Yes, it's the same grow as the video above with only 4 plants yielding 11+ oz per harvest.  

    Crazy, right?  But not.  

    Totally real and easily doable in your California Home.


"Just Unreal"

"Better than I expected. 9 ounces on my first try. YoGro!"

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